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Manufacturing precision engineered wide conversions since 1996. Custom Valley continues to lead the industry in innovative design and quality content. Since his beginnings as a custom builder in the mid '80's, Denis Desrosiers recognized the early need for a geometrically sound conversion to satisfy the demands of riders wanting the fat tire look. Dissatisfied of what he saw offered, Denis designed a solution that didn't sacrifice handling for appearance, and the results are easy to see in his conversions that look like they came from the factory.

When Gate Corporation, the belt manufacturer for Harley-Davidson, needed to develop a new rear belt, they called Custom Valley to get a swingarm to adapt a torke multiplicator. After that came out of the factory the 200 mm rear tire on Softail Model.

Later on, the Director of Engineering & Product Development for Harley-Davidson Motor Co. was interest enough of Custom Valley to pay a visit to Denis Desrosiers in its own facility in Causapscal, Canada.

Right after that visit came out the FLHX Series and the Rocker model was born. So, when we say we are the leaders, we mean it! Our background proves it! We are the one who have influenced the factory in designing and developing their motorcycles. WE ARE THE LEADERS.

US Pat: 5996718 Can Pat: 2197504

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